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MaelStrom to London

#31 in rank for Young Adult Fiction in Europe. “Jane Eyre with a pistol”

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I hope you find my work vivid, earthy and pleasing to your senses. My goal is to have a energetic connection with the physical world around me. I hope I transmit this passion to the viewer.

You may notice that I have 7 categories of work with 7 prints in each category. This is by design. I am seeking a rhythm and harmony in my work.


It is also no accident I only offer 100 limited Artist Proofs for each print - no matter the size.

100 Artists Proofs guarantees you are purchasing a limited edition designed to grow in value - that’s why I desire to be an “Artist of Heirlooms”

My goal in art is to create beauty. My passion is to show this beauty in a earthy, living portfolio.


$1600.00 to Start

  • Non Refundable Booking Fee


  • Travel Expenses not included.
  • I’m very busy with the tour and bookings for my novel, MaelStrom To London, but I still do quite a bit of photography work.


Booking Fee must be paid in advance and it is non-refundable.

Final package will include 10 signed original works of art by Stephen Paul West

Highly collectable, limited and designed to grow in value, Stephen offers his art in 7 categories with 7 unique images in each category. Once an image is gone, it is gone forever.

His work is earthy, powerful and compliments the stylish tastes found in homes and architecture around the globe. Purchase a framed, autographed print today to join the family of Stephen Paul West Fine Art Prints.

Email for booking inquiry to:

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Thirty eight percent (38%) of all marriages are a remarriage for one or both spouses. Remarriage Today serves this vital remarriage population.

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